Neo-Soul Artist, Vocalist, Songwriter

The music of Curtis Lee is neo-soul, funk, jazz, and R&B that is both upbeat as well as a slow vibe. His influences include Michael Jackson, Babyface, Maxwell, James Brown, Phonte, Al Green, Jeff Buckley, and many more. Curtis Lee has a very active and vibrant stage presence, and his performances can branch out to a jazzier sound while keeping the listener's attention. Curtis Lee aims to become an original soul artist and to create a nice sound for all ears to hear.

History never repeats itself, but it does rhyme.
— Mark Twain

That quote has a lot of soul; a feast of meaning.  It forges its own way and seeks its own likeness all at once.  That's deep, and in these times, it may be most helpful for us all to see that our differences all rhyme in the end.  That's humanity.  That's what music is, and we need it now.



Curtis Lee was born in Peoria, Illinois where he grew up listening and singing to his parents’ 8-track tapes and 45-records. Among the artists in the family record collection were Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, and The Jackson 5. Curtis’s love of music can also be attributed to his mother, since she grew up singing in choirs. Curtis would hear her powerful soprano voice echo throughout the house, and he enjoyed listening.

While Curtis had a love for music, it was only a hobby in his youth. It wasn't until he learned from his family and voice teachers in grade school that he could actually have a successful music career. At that time, he dropped his dream of becoming a professional football player and began to listen to different genres and artists. To hone in his craft, he decided to attend Texas State University to study classical and jazz voice.

Currently, Curtis Lee lives in the live music capital of the world - Austin, Texas. He started his professional career as a working musician on 4th, 5th, and 6th street. In this downtown district, he performed at some of the most popular clubs and venues with a 60s and 70s funk-soul cover band called The Bumps.

Over the course of his stay in Austin, Curtis has performed with The Atlantics, London Calling, The M.A.S.K, In The Pink, Dahebegebees, 80H Project, as well as his own group, Curtis Lee Band.

His debut album, Catalogue, was released in the fall of 2015 – a collaboration of the many artists with whom he performs and records. While his focus remained soulful, the myriad of musical flavors found throughout Austin gave Curtis the opportunity to “catalogue” his versatility as well as feature his friends and colleagues. He is now working on his second studio album, where he would like to take his singing career to the next level. He aims to become an original soul artist in the music business and create a nice sound for all ears to hear.


At a very young age, Curtis' parents realized he had absolute pitch. Indeed, music had always been an integral part of his family. During the 1970's, before he was born, his father was a drummer, and his mother was a trained vocalist. They would hold jam sessions and rehearsals in their home in Chattanooga.

These weren't small gatherings. They included  drummers, keyboardists, lead and rhythm guitarists, bassists, various horns, percussionists, and enough vocalists to put a choir to shame. These sessions often turned polyrhythmic, transcending style and sound.

By the time Curtis was born, his parents had moved to Peoria, Illinois and had left behind all the trappings of life immersed in live music to take on those of child rearing, but they had brought with them a vast music library. They had everything on 8Track, on reel, and in their hearts.

Though he never owned another drumset, his father could never seem to stop tapping to complex rhythms on the steering wheel, in the bathroom, and on the table. Curtis' father provided for his family on a high school diploma for half his life and ended up as a college professor with a Ph.D degree.

Though his mother never sang with another group, she would often use her skills to wake her children up every Saturday morning to clean the house. Indeed, the work ethic starts with Curtis' father and ends with his mother.

His parents had also brought Curtis' older brother and sister to Illinois, and both siblings had been indelibly shaped by their parent's past musical lifestyle. His sister, the second oldest, would plan and rehearse musical performances in the washroom often and would drag her younger siblings into back-up roles. Curtis' sister would also hold weekly performances for everyone.  Curtis' younger brother took an interest in hip-hop, and he became a professional rapper and goes by the name of DubFresh in the Austin scene.

As could be expected, Curtis was molded by the several musical experiences at home, and therefore, he carried them with him to the live music capital of the world.